13 March 2008

"What's a Chair?"

My family came to pick me up after my class Tuesday evening, and my kindergartener noticed my name on the directory: "J. Hanley, Chair." Staring hard, with her face wrinkled up, she demanded, "Mommy? What does that mean?!"

"Your daddy's a chair," her mom replied. My daughter wasn't amused--"No, he's not, mommy! What does that mean?!"

My favorite phrase in the English language, "What does that mean," and my kindergartener knows when something doesn't make sense, and needs explanation. Makes a parent proud, it does.


Scott Hanley said...

And if the language of administration never makes any sense to her, you can be all the prouder.

James K said...

Its a pitty people lose that tendency as they get older.

Anonymous said...

Richard Feynman wrote (Lectures on Physics, Vol 1): "Philosophers are always saying, "Well, just take a chair for example." The moment they say that, you know that they do not know what they are talking about any more. What is a chair?"

j a higginbotham