26 March 2008

Day 2: Better

Well, we had better luck today. We got 60 responses, so our two-day total is 102. Still less than halfway there, but if tomorrow night goes well, and Saturday goes well, we might be close enough that the students are ready to make a final push for 271.

Obviously I haven't looked at the data systematically yet, but on first impressions, there seems to be a good split between strong critics of CAFOs, strong defenders of them, and a lot of people in the middle. Interestingly, very few people seem to recognize the term "CAFO," until we explain it, which might be an indicator that feelings generally don't run too deep on the subject.

My personal favorite tonight was a person who is very strongly opposed to CAFOs, worried about harm to the environment, thought they should be regulated more strictly, but self-identified as "very conservative." As that's the last question, I was primed for a very different response. And that's what makes social science difficult--people don't always behave in individually predictable ways.

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