27 March 2008

Creationist Math: Jamestown Settled During the Flood

This video, of a "Biblically correct" tour of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, is both sad and funny. But the best part, the part that can be refuted by any elementary school child, is their math on the age of the Earth. While claiming the Earth is only about 6,000 years old, they believe that before the flood, humans lived for 800 years or more. Asked how many such generation, they estimated 6 or 7. 7 x 800 = 5,600 years--so apparently the flood happened less than 200 years before the U.S. Revolution.

Or, in other words, the biblical flood happened about the same time the English settled Jamestown, Virginia. I suppose sailing would be easy, with that much water, but where would they land? Oh, yeah, after the waters went down, they just happened to be in North America. Of course the Bible says something very different...

Most sickening is that the guy leading the tour has the children repeat the question they're supposed to ask evolutionary theorists, "How do you know?" Of course any scientist is happy to tell them how we know, but the tourleader forgot to tell the children, "Don't listen to their answer!"

The talking head who introduces the story is also an idiot--he leads in by saying, "a group of Christians invade the museum. Since they're tax-paying citizens, they have every right to go into the museum, and to call it an invasion is just the kind of inanity so typical on television.


James K said...

I live in constant wonder that people find mathematics hard, but here's another piece of evidence.


Scott Hanley said...

I had a bit much to say for a comment, but I've posted my thoughts over at http://unconformities.blogspot.com/2008/03/on-training-of-minds.html