30 March 2008

Calling Sally Kern and Chuck Norris--Do You Defend Killing Homosexuals?

Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern said "the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation," and "the biggest threat our national has, even more so than terrorism."

B-movie actor Chuck Norris said, "I was appalled when I read the American Family Association report that on Friday, April 25, several thousand schools across the nation will be observing a "Day of Silence," or DOS, which is a nationwide push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools...I do believe that we should equally and adamantly oppose such aberrant sexual behavior from being condoned or commemorated in our public schools through textbooks or a so-called "Day of Silence."

And this past week in Oxnard, California, 15 year old Lawrence King was shot twice in the head because he was gay.

Sally, Chuck, will you stand up and denounce the murder of this young man? Or are you secretly applauding the killing of a faggot?

Here's a photo of Lawrence King. May God give his parents peace.


Anonymous said...

Rep. Sally Kern Slaps P-FLAG's Other Cheek

Kern Insists P-FLAG is Lying and Dissembling

Too Close to Home?

(OKLAHOMA CITY) After Rep. Sally Kern met with three community leaders, one of whom is the president of the Oklahoma City P-FLAG chapter, in her Oklahoma City capital office on Thursday, March 27, P-FLAG issued the following statement---

P-FLAG blog:

However, Rep. Kern says P-FLAG used the meeting to put words in her mouth which she did not say. You can read her rebuttal statement here:

http://americansfortruth.com/news/sally-kern-rejects-pflag-account-of-meeting.html or http://tinyurl.com/ypfc73

I believe the meeting was recorded and that whatever was said by either party can be verified. This additional recording should be very valuable in the near future.

As I've said before when dealing with rabid religious fundamentalists it is not possible to expect them to behave in the way they are usually treated by our progressive friends, that is with civility and respect and the expectation the fundies will honor the words they have said. Since they act figuratively rabid, so should they be handled with figurative very thick gloves and a large physical distance between you and them.

I am acquainted with the three people with whom Rep Kern met, all of them of the progressive, religious mode of thinking and action, and I have no doubt of their honesty and integrity.

For Rep. Kern to state clearly and unequivocally that she was "used" in her discussion with them is nearly tantamount to the original outrageous speech she made that was recorded on Youtube. You can hear the complete audio from which the Youtube post was made of her speech and the transcript here: http://www.equalrightsproject.com/
This example of double-speak shows that Rep. Kern and her Konservative Korps of followers, that now includes the Thomas Moore Law Center www.thomasmore.org, and the American Family Association, www.afa.net, are not to be trusted.

Just as with Fred Phelps and his "God Hates Fags" project, the second move Kern has made after gaining your attention with blood-curdling words is to then claim any criticism of Kern makes her a victim, violating her First Amendment freedoms, and the criticizer is the perpetrator of suppression.

Kern does not know what responsibility means, she does not know the difference between free speech and irresponsible speech.

With the information here http://tinyurl.com/yqe8kk you can let Rep. Kern know who you think is telling the truth, she or P-FLAG.

Here is a link to another story in the Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City: http://newsok.com/article/3222587/1206766864
with more explanation from Loyce Newton-Edwards, the OKC P-FLAG president.

In my opinion the P-FLAG members are acting honorably so I have to wonder why Rep. Kern would now be adverse to any further meetings with the Oklahoma City chapter of P-FLAG.

P-FLAG is as non-partisan as a gay/lesbian support group can get since it's a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization.

Having talked face-to-face with gay-friendly advocates does Kern feel that further contact with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays is raising too much heat in her own kitchen for comfort?

James Hanley said...

You're welcome to comment on my blog, but I do prefer people choose some identifying pseudonym, rather than anonymous. I just can't tell the anonymous's apart.

That aside, I wholly agree with you.

James K said...

I think that's what we call selective morality.

Either that or evil bastard-ism of the first order.

Collin Brendemuehl said...

You know, James, a petty challenge on a minor blog will not get a response from Kern or Norris. (It doesn't work for me, either.)
Do you really think that those who oppose the gay agenda of restructing our social institutions are in favor of murder? You are certainly intelligent, but at the same time pretty dumb. If simply disagreeing with the agenda == support for murder then you need to review the fundamentals of propositional logic.

And back to the matter of science and presupposition, I recently read Suppe's classic The Structure of Scientific Theories, as well as Plantinga's Warrant and Proper Function, the responses to it and his response in Naturalism Defeated?, along with Gould's The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Per our discussion over at Ed's blog, my position is the same. Suppe is a logical positivist. Fodor, VanCleve, and Co. are admitted agnostics/skeptics. Sorry, but the evidence from your own side's theory-making processesare themselves contradictory and in need of work.


James Hanley said...


I didn't say Kern or Norris endorse the murder of homosexuals--I said I want to know if they do or don't. Of course I know they're not going to pay attention to my blog--but that doesn't need to stop me from having my say.

I mean, I really didn't expect to be sitting in my office one day and get a phone call from Chuck Norris!

As to the rest of your post, I'm really not sure what your point is. I don't remember participating much in that debate, as it bores me. Simply put, scientists can demonstrate thing without resorting to miracles, creationists can't. If that's the debate you're talking about, that's about the end of the story for me.

Collin Brendemuehl said...

So what's the point whether or not they denounce? Why your raising that in the post? You linked an event and an attitude in a disgusting fashion.

James Hanley said...


There is a point in asking whether Norris and Kern would denounce the killing of Lawrence King--the point is to make them aware of the consequences of their hate-mongering.

Like it or not, the "event" (why don't you have the honesty to say murder?) and the "attitude" are linked. Are you really too blind to see that hatred of homosexuals results in killing of homosexuals?

Whereas, if everyone adopted my attitude of equal rights and equal treatment for homosexuals, the killings of homosexuals would diminish markedly.

So since Chuck and Sally haven't come to my blog to respond, how about you? Do you--who seem to oppose homosexuals also--denounce the killing of Lawrence King? So far you've commented twice, and haven't said anything that suggests you do--but you have blandly called it an "event," which seems to imply that you don't think it's a very big deal.

Do you, Collin? Do you denounce the killing of Lawrence King, the openly gay teenager?