30 March 2008

Censored by Ilana Mercer!

Ilana Mercer, who writes for WorldNetDaily (as if any more need be said, eh?), has censored me!

I criticized her for calling Obama by his middle-name, Hussein, and accused her of fear-mongering. Then I accused the many commentors who agreed with her of being both anti-constitution (they want a religious test for public office, at least implicitly, while the Constitution explicitly states there shall be no religious test (that is, no formal one)), and chickenshits--children who run and hide under the bed when someone yells "Muslim!" My comment was up for less than a day before she took it down. Maybe chickenshit is just too naughty a word.

I posted again (Scroll down to 3.30.08 5:05 p.m). Let's see if she takes it down again.

Hey Ilana! You can say anything you want here! And I won't take it down--because I'm not as much of a chickenshit as you!


James K said...

Looks like its gone.

Time for everyone to sing "Brave, brave Sir Robin"

Scott Hanley said...

Nope, no comment for that time period. At least you know you weren't ignored!

James Hanley said...

Yep, she censored me again. So I tried again--maybe third time's the charm!

Johanna Hanley said...

Third time as charming as the first.. Sorry you've struck out at getting this idiot to respond. It may have been up an hpur or so. What do expect from someone who puts a glammed out, air brushed photo of herself on her site? It reminds me of the female Vox Day photo. They are really trying to hard to impress.