26 February 2008

What Color are Libertarians?

In the comments on a prior post jamesk suggest blue states and red states could pair off to do proportional representation of U.S. Representatives. It's a lovely idea, and wholly constitutionally acceptable. But, I noted, the blues and reds won't do it because it would help the greens. And, I added, "the libertarians, whatever color they are."

Libertarians ought to be green, perhaps, the color of money, but that's already taken. So here's my new poll: what color should the libertarians be?


Johanna Hanley said...

Grey doesn't work because Libertarians aren't uptight enough to lack a sense of humor.

Gold is a precious metal and there are precious few Libertarians out there

Rainbow is already taken and far too flashy

White - well that would be the majority of Libertarians so I guess that outta work.

Scott Hanley said...

Any f^@%ing color they want to be. They're Libertarians!

James K said...

I voted for rainbow, but not for the gay rights angle.

Since any group of libertarians will have vast array of different poinions about different issues, a rainbow seems like the the perfect symbol.

If it wasn't for the unformtunate historical connotations, I would go with black, simply because it stands out.

James Hanley said...

"Any f^@%ing color they want to be. They're Libertarians!"

Hey! Who sed yu cld use profannity on my blog! I is gon t bann u!

(I swear--every curse word I know I learned from him. He is a bad bad influence, and should never be out in public. Under no circumstances should you click on his name and check out his blog!)

dalai_lala said...

I would vote pink, and not for the reason which first springs to mind. Pink is for the rosy frame through which they view capitalism.

James Hanley said...


Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry I didn't have pink as one of the choices. I was teaching survey research to my methods class yesterday and pointing out that survey software like this creates certain limits to volunteered answers.