21 February 2008

A vote for Ron Paul!

At last someone has cast a vote for someone other than Barack Obama. One vote has been cast for Ron Paul. Vive le difference. I did vote for Ron Paul in 1988, when he was the Libertarian Party candidate for president. I knew nothing about libertarianism at the time, and was just casting a vote against the Republicans and Democrats. Ahh, innocent youthful rebellion. Now if only we could find a Libertarian without all the crazy factor.


James K said...

Yes, its a shame about Paul. I honestly don't know who i would vote for. Paul is not viable (and kinda nutty), Huckaby is unspeakable, Clinton is barely different to Bush. Both McCain and Obama are pretty bad, buch which is worse? Hard to say. I predict Obama will win if nominated, but I don't know if that is good or bad.

wm said...

Ron Paul is not "nutty" - that's a cheap accusation that won't stand any critical thinking. A person is not nutty just because he has different views than your own.

As for the other candidates in the race, it won't make any difference whatsoever which one wins. We will still see more power to government, more spending, and higher taxes. None of them even claims otherwise.

James Hanley said...

I am actually in agreement with many of Ron Paul's policies. Specifically, his early opposition to the war and his dislike of corporate welfare.

But as for critical analysis, critical analyses have showed that Ron Paul has close ties with white supremacists. Granting him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he himself is not a white supremacist, it's still nutty to associate too closely with those folks.

But I fully agree with your second paragraph.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for voting (apparently multiple times--vote early, vote often is still a good motto!).

Scott Hanley said...

Anyone who has been to the right of the John Birch Society qualifies as nutty and, at least in the past, Paul has been there. Still, you have to like a guy who'll call out his fellow candidates during debate and demand to know why Republicans are talking about "managing the economy."

James K said...

wm: Just becasue I think Paul is nutty doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for him. Personally I think you'd have to be insane to want the job anyway. Of course by all accounts he will not run 3rd party so he isn't an option anyway.

I haven't voted in the poll simply because I don't know who I would pick. I guess for now I will wait and see.