19 February 2008

Purdue-IU Tonight.

I'm a staunch Purdue fan. Purdue's alone in first place in the Big 10. And tonight, Purdue visits Bloomington IN for their only game of the season against arch-rival Indiana. The utter stupidity of Big 10 scheduling is mind-boggling--with 11 teams, there aren't enough games to play every team twice, so they rotate who each team plays only once. But teams should always play their rivals twice. Just as in football they can't play every team each year, but they always play their rival.

It's an interesting matchup. Purdue is atop the Big 10 and has a better won-lost record against ranked teams than IU, but is ranked lower (because they started the season unranked). IU's coach, Kelvin (probation? what's probation?) Sampson is apparently on his way out because he's a despicable cheater, while Purdue's coach seems to run a squeaky clean program.

If Purdue can win tonight--a tall order--it will be a victory of class over trash.


Scott Hanley said...

Sigh. Powerful with the dark side are they. Our young Jedi are not yet fully trained.

James Hanley said...

Well, if anyone watched that game and thought IU looked like a team that could win at Mackey Arena, it's probably someone who never watched a basketball game before.

Your opponent shoots under 40% for the game, and they still have a chance to beat you on your own floor. Weak. Very weak. I'm hoping for a rematch at Conseco Fieldhouse, with IU playing under interim coach Dan--Just Give Me a Chance, Please--Dakich.