07 May 2008

Tragedy of the Commons Symposium Fully Funded

Way back on March 21 I wrote that I was submitting a $10,000 proposal to fund a 40th Anniversary retrospective on Garret Hardin's "Tragedy of the Commons." Today I finally--a month and a half later--received word that I would get the funding. Phew, I had almost given up hope.

So on November 21, 2008, the Adrian College Policy Institute will host the Symposium. Among the panelists will be commons expert Elinor Ostrom, of Indiana University's Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Mathematician J. Marty Anderies of Arizona State University's School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Oberlin College Political Scientist Harlan Wilson, and Grand Valley State University biologist (and friend of the late Garrett Hardin) Carl Bajema.

Information about the Symposium is available at the Policy Institute website.


Scott Hanley said...

Do you still have the poll results? I believe history should record that I was the only one to predict that you would receive full funding.

James Hanley said...

As far as I can tell, deleted polls are gone forever. I do seem to remember that most votes were against me getting the full amount.

I do remember and appreciate your vote of confidence. If you go to my very first post on the subject, http://uncommonliberty.blogspot.com/2008/03/tragedy-of-commons-40-year.html, you'll see that you left a comment expressing confidence I'd get the whole amount.

James K said...


Johanna Hanley said...

Ah Scott, what you fail to realize, it was I who convinced him to only offer a fully-funded option in the end (there were originally about five different options). So you weren't the only one who had faith that the conference would recieve full funding. :)