29 May 2008

The Cost of Blogging in Dubai

The neighborhood around the Gold Souk in Dubai is one big souk (market) itself, with the ground floor of nearly all buildings given over to shops. There are probably thousands of shops, with attendant workers and others providing services to them, and a lot of these people living in the apartments above the shops. It's the kind of place "nice" tourists come for a couple hours to shop, then run away to the Hilton Hotel. But I'm staying here, and my little hotel (which seems to cater mostly to Africans) doesn't have internet for guests. But in a neighborhood like this, where so many of the workers are immigrants, an internet cafe is a certainty, and sure enough there are at least three I've found within a few blocks of my hotel.

The cost is 3 Dirhams an hour--about 83 cents. That's affordable blogging indeed.

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Johanna Hanley said...

Hmmm. Having contact via e-mail and blog at minimal cost as opposed to paying ridiculous amounts of money to hear a voice. Will voice communications begin to or have they already begun to diminish significantly with overseas communications?

Although I love to hear your voice, your e-mail contact seems to be sufficient for me. I wonder how much of a norm this has become? I still miss you the same either way.