25 January 2010

Craziest Thing I Read Today

Both Russian sources and US military have confirmed a huge military tunnel beneath the BERING STRAIT, linking SIBERIA with ALASK

This comes from the heretofore unknown Roy Taylor Ministries. (And, no, I didn't cut off the last letter of Alaska--Roy's apparently not in the business of ministering to copy editors.)

Anyway, this here tunnel "was not DUG out, but BORED OUT using nuclear power that melted it's way through solid rock, six miles a day." Wicked cool, eh? Since there'd only be one direction for the debris to go, I can only hop the miners (bombers?) got all the way back out the other end of the tunnel before the bombs went off. At 6 miles a day, though, the tunnel would only take about 10 days to dig nuke blow construct.

It's hard to imagine that 10 nukes going off below the Bering Straight didn't make the news, though. We have seismographs all over Alaska, it being a rather notorious earthquake zone. Surely some of the seismologists at the University of California or the U.S. Geological Survey might have noticed and said something? Then again, there is a report of 9--count 'em 9!--nuclear blasts in an 18 hour period in the arctic in 2008. Sure, the numbers don't add up, but it could be the tunnel, right?

So what is this tunnel for, anyway? Why, it's part of the New World Order (NWO (tm)). Well, hold onto your hats folks, here's where the ride gets really wild.
...knowing the scriptures as I do I know that the Kings of the East and their vast armies will come to America from out of the North to participate in the last battle of God Almighty. These armies will come to America from Asia and from the Middle East. These armies of the Kings of the East will travel like a train across Russia and Siberia to the Bering Strait.

They will then travel under the Bering Strait by way of the existing Bering Strait Tunnel into Alaska (North America). The Bible says that these heathen armies will continue on down through Canada and into America (the Zion of Bible Prophecy) where they will be destroyed.

Oh, yeah, this isn't just your garden-variety type NWO conspiracy theorist. Nor is it your over-the-counter brand of religious end-of-the-worldism. No, this guy believes the Russkies have blasted a tunnel under the Bering Straight because Armageddon is going to happen right here in the good o' U.S. of A!

Hey, he says he knows his bible, so it must be true.

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember the mention of America in the Bible. It must be a newer edition.