03 April 2008

I Has Smart Students

Two of my students came to my office yesterday during a class break. One of them had taken my political economy class, so I asked her to analyze the Cuban agricultural underproduction/food importation issue. She said, "Well, I would guess that they'll probably grow more sugar and tobacco for export, so it won't reduce their food imports. Then they'll have more money, so they might even import more food."

It's always nice to know that students actually learned--that is, actually retained--something from your classes.

By the way, she's a finalist for a Fulbright award. One of the best students I've had.

And, somehow, I can't seem to convince anyone that Cubans are going to eat sugared tobacco.


James K said...


James Hanley said...

Yes. It's always good to have some success. Although I sometimes feel teaching is like Las Vegas slot machines, which are designed to give rewards just frequently enough to keep you playing.

Is that too cynical?

James K said...

Probably not.