25 February 2010

The Death of Positive Liberty

My other blog, Positive Liberty, is dead. Jason Kuznicki, the blog's real owner and administrator, has had continuing problems with domain host IPower, which included a major crash that destroyed years worth of posts (most of which has been recovered through the tech savvy of Jason's brother-in-law). The latest, and most severe problem, was IPower failing to automatically charge Jason's credit card for re-registering the domain site and failing to notify him that it hadn't, allowing professional domain hijackers to steal the site.

Jason, understandably, is tired of fighting these battles, and has accepted an invitation to join the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

Although I only blogged at Positive Liberty for about a year and a half, I will greatly miss my colleagues there and a great many of our regular commentors. I have offered to take on the role of blog administrator, if my colleagues want to continue together, and will announce it here if they agree. However we have lost the positiveliberty.com domain, and have probably lost the irreplaceable Jason Kuznicki as well.

Please keep in touch.


theolderepublicke said...

Mr. Hanley,

Sorry to hear about positiveliberty. I really enjoyed the "posting culture" there, so much so that I usually tried not to tell others about it so that it wouldn't be "ruined." I do look forward to reading your blog, however, which I found by googling your name and "positiveliberty."


Pierre Corneille (pseudonym)

Jeremy said...

I assumed there was a renewal snafu and hijacking, and that's unfortunate. I'm looking forward to whatever replacement brings most of you back together under one site.

James Hanley said...

At least a couple of us want to keep it going. I'll post info on this site when we have some.

Charles said...

I loved PL! I can't believe it just vanished so quickly. There didn't seem to be a post warning of an imminent shutdown.

James Hanley said...


It caught Jason off-guard. As I understand it, he had authorized the host company to automatically charge his credit card, but they failed to do so in a timely manner. So when it was no longer paid up, a professional domain-squatter was able to snatch it up.

There is a chance we can recover it (at some cost), and if not we (at least some of us) will recreate it, albeit perhaps with a different domain name.

I hope to keep it going in part just because I'd miss the conversations I have with you guys.

Not to beg for your attention to my relatively unattended blog here, but I will give updates here until this is all sorted out.

Jeremy said...

FWIW, nearly a year ago I renewed one of my domains for five years. Imagine my surprise when I recently noticed that it's set to expire in a month. I had to email the registrar to point out their error and get it corrected. If I hadn't noticed the mistake, I could have lost this domain through no fault of my own.

I worry about the competence of these people.

thelifeofyourtime said...

The domain has now been reclaimed?

James Hanley said...

Yes, although I'm not sure exactly how. But I think we have survived.