21 August 2008

The Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

A great irony may be unfolding before our eyes. In July, Democratic nominee Barack Obama raised $51 million dollars, while Republican nominee John McCain struggled to raise just over half that ($27 million). Obama’s total of $390 million is more than twice McCain’s $153 million. And yet Obama’s lead over McCain has narrowed.

Democrats have long complained about the power of money in campaigns, and bitterly resented that the Republicans could nearly always outspend them by tapping the wealthy business class. So now they face the stunning possibility that they could outspend the Republicans by a wide margin, yet still lose the election.

That would be ironic indeed, and just how devastating would it be to the Democratic Party?


Scott Hanley said...

Although, at least in my viewing area, McCain seems to be spending a lot more of his money right now than Obama has done. I keep wondering when the blitz will come; Obama can't rely on Paris Hilton to provide the only aggressive ads.

James K said...

I think Obama losing under any circumstances (other than Obama being destroyed by scandal) would be devastating to the Democrats. If they can't win with Obama's charisma and 8 years of Bush they can't win.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all convinced that it is true that Obama is or will, in the end, outspend McCain. Although it is true that the Obama Campaign, Inc. takes in more that the McCain Campaign, Inc. I think that the RNC and other related and allied interest groups are more than able to take up the slack even though the Democrats also have such groups helping.