24 July 2008

Life Gets in the Way of Blogging

Not being a professional blogger, I often find it difficult to blog regularly. Never more so than now. My home computer--a decrepit Mac--no longer allows me to log into blogger.com. 5 mornings a week I spend 3 hours at swim practice/lessons for my little mermaid daughters, plus the weekly swim meets. My summer on-line class takes an inordinate amount of time because it's a new subject matter for me, and has occasionally kept me in my office until midnight. And I've been working on the Tragedy of the Commons Symposium (which looks to be coming along fine). On top of that I've been going to physical therapy 3 days a week to try to fix my rotator cuffs. And I got stuck on a committee to hire a director of pre-med and biological sciences, despite my obvious lack of qualifications.

Still, life can't be made up of excuses. There's always time, if you're willing to make it. But I've decided not to decline my social engagements, either. Last weekend it was the annual extended family camping trip (lots o' rain, and the ceiling of my tent failed at 4 a.m.). Today it's dinner and hours of beer at my friend Jim's house. This Saturday after the swim meet it's the county fair.

So, just in case you wonder why I've slowed down, in case you've been aching for more words of wisdom from me, there's your answer. Clearly less blogging (especially by me) isn't going to reduce the level of happiness and well-being in the world, so we'll all manage to survive somehow.

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