30 December 2007

Fire Millen!

Today the Detroit Lions completed their 7th losing season in a row, a number of years that coincides precisely with Matt Millen's time as General Manager. He's hired and fired two head coaches during that time, and is currently on his third head coach. With the Lions having one of the all-time worst records for such a length of time, the question is why the coaches keep taking the fall, and not Millen.

As a Colts fan, I don't really mind seeing the Lions lose--it makes my neighbors here in Michigan miserable, which is always good sport--but I do despise people who can't take responsibility for their own screwups. Lions owner William Clay Ford rewarded Millen's poor performance in 2005, and Millen has consistently refused to step down or even publicly admit his management of the team has been dismal.

Come on Millen, if you had any integrity you'd resign right now.

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